These are the 10 best male-driven cars for “Girly Cars”

While there are many differences between men & women, one thing that stands out is the way they buy girly cars. Understanding the buying habits and differences between men and women can help you understand what they are looking for. It’s also easier to categorize cars into different groups according to what appeals to each gender. This is true for both manufacturers and sellers.

As soon as you graduate and start earning an income, buying girly cars is a natural part of your life. But what makes men choose cars other than what they want? There are some women who would rather have the same car as the men, but that is a small percentage. And there are also guys who enjoy driving ladies’ cars, which could be anyone, even though they might not necessarily visit the dealership to pick the exact same car. While men tend to focus on details such as engine size, transmission, drivetrain and suspension, women might be more concerned with space, aesthetics and reliability.

Fiat 500: Girly Cars and Fun to Drive

The Fiat 500 is an attractive, small European car. It has four seats and a rear that’s only suitable for children. The premium cargo space means that the owner will need to pack light in order to have better accommodation. US News states that the car’s interior is not very appealing and that it looks cheap. It also has a four-cylinder engine that can only produce 101 horsepower. The car’s handling is excellent, and it can navigate well on busy streets.

Mazda Miata, Girly Cars, Fun to Drive

It also has excellent handling which makes it a fun ride. The interior features supportive seats and soft-touch materials.

Although Mazda’s four-cylinder engine only produces 155 horsepower, it is enough to propel Miata’s small dimensions. It also comes with an optional six-speed manual transmission that is quick-shifting and has a paddle shifter. This makes it great for summer driving.

Chrysler PT Cruiser, Girly Cars and Fun to Drive

A man driving this car will likely be asked if it was his girlfriend’s. The car looks great and is definitely a ladies car due to its small size and rear seats that have a lot of legroom. According to Samarins the reliability of the Cruiser has been questioned. This is in addition to its fuel economy and low front end which scrapes easily.

GEO Tracker: Fun to Drive

The Geo/Chevy Tracker’s design is a clear indication that it’s not just for guys. It’s also ideal for outdoor activities and fun, as the dashboard is feminine. It has the same characteristics as the Suzuki Sidekick, and can travel to many places that require its off-roading capabilities.