The Most Unusual “Cartoons Celebrity”

Celebritoons: Appearances of the Most Unusual Cartoons Celebrity 

All voice actors were not credited when Walt Disney Cartoons Celebrity released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Walt wanted his animated characters to be the stars and not the voices. This list features 15 Cartoons Celebrities who want you to find out who voices their characters. These aren’t Tom Hanks or Mike Myers from Shrek, but instances in which celebrity actors are trying to play characters that are different than themselves. The voice actors are the characters in most entries. In some cases, however, the cartoon characters and celebrity actors are so closely linked that they can’t be separated.

It can be quite strange to see a celebrity guest star suddenly appear in a cartoon that is not related. Even stranger Cartoons Celebrity are created from scratch to promote celebrities. This absurdity is often the point of Cartoons Celebrity. They are meant to be funny and weird! Although some of these older cartoons aren’t intended, it doesn’t mean they’re any less funny. Let’s look at some of the most outrageous, memorable, and hilarious celebrity appearances in cartoon history.


This list could be stuffed with cartoon appearances by Weird Al Yankovic (comment if that’s you!). Al has a long list of voice roles, from Adventure Time to Voltron. This list will only include one Al cartoon role. It had to be one in which he is himself, and not a parody like in Transformers Animated. And it had to be somewhere you wouldn’t expect him to be (so Simpsons).

The Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, “Bat-Mite Presents: Batman’s Strangest Cases!” More than meets its title. Weird Al is involved in a Batman/Scooby Doo crossover. This is a parody of the old Scooby TV movies’ dependence on celebrities. Al also voices Mr. Star in another segment of the episode. He is a jewel show organizer in Bat-Manga.


Rush Limbaugh is the most famous Right Wing radio personality in America. Seth McFarlane is open about his liberal views. These two men are often controversial but come from different backgrounds so it is not surprising that they would work together. McFarlane has appeared on Family Guy three times, while Limbaugh has guest starred in it once.

His appearances in Star Wars parody episodes were two brief ones. He was more prominent in “Excellence in Broadcasting”, where he convinces Brian, a liberal, to become a Republican.