What do you wear with your “Mens Poncho Fashion”?

The Snuggie nearly ended the poncho‚Äôs reputation as a stylish fall outerwear option a few years ago. The blanket with arms is still a classic, despite repeated statements by mens poncho fashion executives that “capes have replaced jackets” every few years. The poncho is finally gaining fashion credibility this season thanks to some key styling tweaks. It is best to pair it with pyjama trousers.


Two things can go wrong when you add a poncho in your wardrobe: ordering one from the TV and (unless it is Coachella or you live in Peruvian Andes), choosing a bright, bustly weave. A loose knit in muted colors is a better option. It can be worn with jeans or short skirts. A long skirt with a wrap is too comfortable for Snuggie-land. This (wool-polyester), wrap-style from The Gap is a great option if you are intimidated by the amount of panache required to pull off a less structured style. You won’t feel like you’re doing something special, it’s soft and warm.

Cashmere Crush

Everyone has one. What? What? That’s okay, I suppose. It was embarrassing to be in front of Alexa Chung at Paris Fashion Week wearing a jacket. Burberry’s cashmere blanket poncho and check wool blanket are the must-have outerwear of the year. You can only do this so you can enjoy the hundreds of street-style photos that have been posted online by every fashionista who has joined the Burberry bandwagon. It’s certainly a beautiful piece of clothing. This mens poncho fashion is inspired by equestrian blankets, and made in Scotland. It will last a lifetime.


Autumn camping is a wonderful way to enjoy those last moments of starlight before winter sets in. If the weather is so bad that you are planning to use your tarp as an overcoat, it may be time to close it down. This sexy little number by MEC is a result of a family’s late-season camping trip that ended in disaster. Dad lost it with everyone’s whining, and ran off with a Coleman Dome tent wrapped around his neck like a security blanket. It turned out it was a good idea.


A list of Dos & Don’ts for Men’s Ponchos is not helpful. It doesn’t mention that unless you’re a hillside potato farmer or do a Baja-grunge hippie thing for a ’90s themed party, a mens poncho fashion may not be the best option. However, fashion-conscious men shouldn’t wear ponchos. Clint Eastwood’s Fistful Of Dollars is a great example of mancho success.