Celebrity Survivor: 16 real celebrity castaway ideas

Celebrity Big Brother was announced for the first time. I was shocked. Fans who thought they would see Jenna Fischer of The Office were wrong. The official cast revealed the 10 former reality stars as well as a Miss Universe runner up compiling the “celebrities” ready for anything. This is the kind of casting you should expect if Celebrity Survivor ever became a reality.

We were inspired to think about who the best people would be to compete on Celebrity Survivor. Although Jimmy Fallon has stated that he will be appearing on the show, it would take a miracle to get someone of his calibre away from his nightly talk program to compete on a rival network. The show has seen enough nigerian celebrities, including Lisa Whelchel of The Facts of Life as well as Jimmy Johnson.

We have compiled a list of 16 players (8 men and 8 women) who could compete on Celebrity Survivor if CBS so desired. While some may not be reachable, I will make arguments for why each player could be on the show. Their connection to the show’s past and personal connection with host Jeff Probst makes it possible for higher-tier meeting celebrities to be on the show more often than other celebrity competitions.

Neil Patrick Harris Celebrity Survivor

I know what your thinking. “Did he just say Big Brother fans were getting their hopes high for major celebrities cause getting involved with the celebrity edition? Celebrity Survivor host Jeff Probst and Neil Patrick Harris are close friends. Neil is rumoured both to be a linchpin to the format and a draw for largest celebrities to the show as an example for the upper echelon.

After a decade on How I Met Your Mother, Neil has now retired from the limelight. He was also a star on Broadway shoes. This has allowed him to take time out of the spotlight to film the season, and also given him the chance to conceal the fame that he enjoys on the show.

His social skills may be key to his success at the merge. However, his likeability will likely make him a liability in the second half.