What is “Modern Victorian Fashion”?

Styles that imitate Victorian trends have been appearing and going with great regularity over the past few decades. In fact, the 2017 catwalk shows that there were many Victorian-style detail blouses, deep velvet fabrics, and lace-up boots in top designer collections. These were later copied by mass-produced producers like Zara and Gap. Madonna was a big fan of corsets in the 1980s. The Steampunk modern Victorian fashion trend has been popularized in recent years. This is clothing that features many Victorian styles and silhouettes, but also includes leather, metal, and goggles.

Fashions of Victorian modernity include the clothes worn by Victorian women and men who could afford clothing that was more than covering their bodies and keeping warm.

Victorian era fashion trends modern victorian fashion

Fashion was at its peak during the Victorian era. There were many changes, not just in styles and fashion but also in technology and distribution methods. This era saw economic growth in England. It was also marked by the introduction of mass production and lower unit costs for sewing machines.

This era saw cheaper synthetic dyes that offered a wider range of vibrant colours. Fast changing fashions could be met with clothing that was more affordable and quicker. The mass market could now see photos of the latest fashions worn by the elite through innovations in printing and modern women’s victorian fashion magazines.

What were the clothes worn by upper-class women?

Upper-class women who didn’t need to work wore corsets with tight laced over bodices or chemisettes, and paired them up with skirts embellished with many trims and embroideries. The dress styles for middle class women were similar, but the decorations weren’t as elaborate and expensive.

modern victorian fashion for men

Victorian men’s fashions included tight-fitting, calf-length frock coats with a vest or waistcoat that was either single- or two-breasted. A cutaway morning coat was worn with light pants during the day, while dark trousers and a tail coat were worn at night for more formal occasions. Low collared shirts were made from linen or cotton and wore with wide neck ties or cravats. For formal events and horse riding, breeches were worn.

The end of an era – Men’s clothing habits that last

The dinner jacket or tuxedo was the new standard for formal events. For outdoor pursuits like shooting, the Norfolk jacket, tweed or woollen trousers were useful. Winter saw the wearing of knee-length topcoats with fur collars or contrasting velvet, as well as calf-length coats.