You Can Make Things With SolidWorks 2021

SolidWorks is well-known in the CAD realm for its advanced 3D modelling and rendering capabilities and industry-friendliness. SolidWorks is well-known for its large user base. The community responds with extensive feedback and offers custom solutions. The community, which includes both professionals and newbies, is expanding in every direction. It is easy to see why SolidWorks has been so resistant to 3D modeling by non-technical users.

We’ve created this article for those who believe they fall under this category. Why? Because of the potential for budding artists or sculptors to use the package. You can learn a lot more by just learning how to use a mouse and other powerful machines.

The Solar System

Although this may seem complicated, it is possible to simulate the set of planets in a solar system. You can manipulate regular spheres, such as Earth’s, which has a shape that is slightly different to a circle. If you are very particular, you can place the spheres at certain distances. The most difficult part of the entire process is texture mapping. However, SolidWorks, a more advanced package, allows you to map a regular image onto a surface, with additional options for scaling, stretching, or repeating it.

Table Jugs

Table jugs can be a great way to take newbies on a spin. There are many options for jug sizes, colors, shapes, and sizes. No matter what jug you choose (or what your mom says if you don’t want to take it upstairs), every time you design it, you will experience a new way of designing it. You can start by extruding the off-set from the base if your jug has a cylindrical shape. If your jug has nonlinear contours or curves, advanced functionality like lofting can be achieved with our trusted guides and other online reference material. You can look up similar experiences, particularly if you are interested in the questions that beginners ask on forums. This will give you an insight into things you might not have considered.

Text in 3D

Text can be made to have a third dimension using plugins, custom hacks, and extrusion-based methods. It is important to practice creating text from regular solids. First, you will need to create regular shapes. Then, the shapes will be molded from solid blocks. If the letters are not separate, the process will need repeated for each letter. Text written with letters joined together is quite different. Another way is to create 2D drawings of shapes, which can be “lofted” together to get the contours and shapes you want. You can group elements, such as an apostrophe to the next S, and create assemblies of these parts. This will give you a different way of looking at both your revit environment and the CAD elements.


Sometimes, one finds an idea that sticks out in the vast internet space. Surfboards seem to be the crown jewel of this article. The shapes will be easy enough to create, but texturing and other details should be no problem. The best part about this task is that your model can be used for simulation and analysis. SolidWorks has many water-based simulation modules.