Letterkenny Actress Robyn “Michelle Mylett” Biography.

Robyn Michelle Mylett, a Canadian actress, was born 4 January 1989. She is best known for her role in the comedy series Letterkenny as Katy. Mylett is also well-known for her roles on shows such as “Four in the Morning”, “Ascension”, and “Four in the Morning”, as well as her performance in feature films like “Kiss and Cry” (2017).

Growing up, the actress saw a lot of romantic comedies and situational comedies. This led to her interest in acting.

Sometimes all it takes to get noticed is one project. For Mylett that was “Letterkenny”. Some people take a while to find the gold, but others are able to do it sooner than others. Michelle mylett debut in acting was three years ago. Although the actress began her acting career in 2013, with small roles, and worked her way up gradually, it didn’t take her long to find her breakthrough.

Mylett has yet to build a large resume. But she is proving to be a sensation in Letterkenny. Continue reading to learn more about Mylett’s life and career. Here are ten facts about her.

Michelle Mylett: 10 facts

  1. Mylett, like many actors, fell in love with acting young. After graduating high school, Mylett was involved in arts and decided to go to college to pursue acting.
  2. Her professional credits include “Buckout Road”, an indie feature, “Violet”, the Antisocial franchise and the CBC series, “Four in the Morning”, as the independent feature “The Drownsman”.
  3. Michelle Mylett was newborn lifestyle  in Vancouver with her siblings, and then moved to Toronto, Ontario by herself to pursue acting full-time.
  4. “Letterkenny” brought Michelle Mylett into the limelight. One remarkable aspect of the series was the dominance by male characters. In fact, most of the scenes are filmed by male characters, but Mylett shines brightly.
  5. Mylett was a cheerleader in high school sports. She was a cheerleader for The BC Lions, a Canadian Football League team.
  6. The actress is currently in a relationship to Jesse Antler. They are well-known for sharing beautiful moments on social media. However, little is known about their relationship or the circumstances that led to it.
  7. Mylett made her debut at age 24. Her first role was in the third part of “Antisocial”, a horror film about a mother.
  8. Michelle received a Canadian Screen Award in 2020 for her performance on Letterkenny.
  9. Mylett is a huge fan of Japanese cuisine and has named Iceland and Japan as her favorite destinations.
  10. According to Celebrity Networth Michelle Mylett is worth $2 million

Education and Early life

Mylett was newborn baby in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. She is the older sister of Richard and Mikayla Mary, and has a brother Richard. There is not much information about her childhood or family. Michelle’s mother was a regular viewer of TV, particularly romantic movies. This naturally led her to be curious about acting and eventually, she became interested in pursuing a career as an actor.

Michelle did not attend the schools listed. It is however known that Michelle took acting classes to improve her skills. Her high school play was a success, and it is believed that this role influenced her decision to not go to college but to pursue acting as a career.