Deidara: Bio Background and Personality

Deidara Background

Deidara met Onoki while he was an Iwagakure Shinobi and became more familiar with his fighting style. As a member the Explosion Corps, he was able to use the Explosion Release Kekkei Genkai. Dei dara was admired for his clay sculptures. However, his desire to achieve greater heights in his art led him to steal one of the kinjutsu from his village that allows you to transform your chakra into substances. 

Dei dara used explosive clay to kill his pursuers. He then discovered the art he wanted: The Art of a Single Moment. Deidara recalls the moment he ignited his explosive healthy clay and the process that led to this art. Deidara was a missing-nin, and offered his services to insurgents across the globe as a bomber.


Dei dara’s exploits caught the attention Akatsuki. Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki were sent to recruit him. Dei dara initially refused to accept a challenge by Itachi, but he agreed that Akatsuki would let him be if it won. Deidara lost to Itachi’s Sharingan easily and reluctantly joined the organization where he was paired with Sasori. Sasori, Deidara and the other anime characters were assigned to eliminate Orochimaru because he had betrayed the organization. After witnessing the Summoning, Impure World Reincarnation of Orochimaru in the Land of Wind, the Sannin fled the scene. Deidara tried to kill him by setting fire to his base. Sasori and Deidara searched the ruins, but couldn’t confirm his death because they couldn’t find his body. Deidara flew off to Iwagakure shortly after he had detonated a vegas bomb in the village.

Deidara was crushed by Itachi’s dojutsu defeat and carried a bitter hatred for Itachi and his Sharingan throughout his entire life. Deidara recognized that Itachi was stronger than him and took steps to get revenge. He trained his left eye to counter Genjutsu and created the means to create C4.


Deidara was a calm, relaxed partner with Sasori. He never lost his smile, even when he was in an intense battle or being blamed by his partner. Tobi was a partner to Deidara and he noticed a change in his personality. He would often get angry at his partner’s disrespectful or childish behavior. His arsonist tendencies were not so bad as he enjoyed a good fight and would often blow up his opponents. Dei dara’s most distinguishing trait was his love for art. Any form of art was acceptable to him, even if they were not his favorite. Dei dara was also known for his habit of ending sentences with nasal-like grunts, which roughly translate to “yeah”, or “hm”. This latter is also used in the VIZ version. Dei dara was also able to show respect for the ideals and values of others when he let Gaara move the sand that he had used to protect his a village to the desert before abducting him. He even went so far as admiringly to call him noble.

Dei dara often referred to his explosive Ninjutsu art as art. He would usually quote “Art is an Explosion!” (Geijutsu Wa Bakuhatsu Da) He considered each bomb he made a significant accomplishment.