Mary Saotome: Bio

Mary Saotome, a Kakegurui deuteragonist and the main protagonist in the spin-off series Kakegurui Twin, is Mary Saotome. She is a student at Hyakkaou Private Academy. She is also a classmate to Yumeko Jabami, Ryota Suzui and derrick rose, who are the first characters in the series that challenge Yumeko and lose to her.

Mary saotome Appearance

Mary Saotome, a girl with average height and long blonde hair, is tied in two ponytails with dark-yellow eyelashes and black ribbons.

The standard Hyakkaou Private Academy uniform is a red blazer, with gold buttons and black trim around the collar and cuffs. She wears a black tie and a button-up shirt underneath the red blazer. Gray pleated skirt, black-colored stockings and regular brown loafers have black soles.

Her natural makeup includes blush and mascara, as well as pinkish-beige lipsticks.

Mary saotome Personality

Mary Saotome’s first impression is that she is incredibly sadistic, and even twisted. Ryota Suzui, her classmate, was made a “housepet” by her because of his low social standing within the academy. This is an example of her personality. During their gambling matches, she cruelly taunts her opponents. She is also known to be very egotistical, both during and after matches, often feeling confident in her win. Mary Saotome is known for mocking and laughing at her opponents, especially when it seems like she has won the match.

Mary after she lost Everything

Mary was devastated after losing to denzel washington. She also experienced the life of a housepet and decided to make a comeback to the academy. Mary Saotome is humiliated and soon loses her pride. She suffers a mental breakdown in a match against Yuriko Nishitouin, and then falls into grief and shame. She seems to have lost her arrogance and cruelty after regaining her status. She is still sometimes irritated by Yumeko’s recklessness or Ryota’s cowardice, but she still loves them deeply. She developed a hatred for the student council and wished they would pay for what she had done to her housepets.

Twin discovers that her family isn’t wealthy. She is attending Hyakkaou Private Academy with a scholarship. She has always aimed to be a winner in her life. This is something that even her parents believed was important to her. She is proud of her intelligence and her gambling abilities. People shouldn’t belittle her because she has a high financial status. She is noticeably less ruthless during the prequel. Mary Saotome shows that Tsuzura Hansatemari is not in the main story. However, she does keep her hair pinned. It seems that she is upset over the loss of her friend. She might feel the need to suppress her sadness, which could explain her mean and arrogant demeanour.


Mary Saotome wins a poker match against Ryota Suezui at the beginning of the series. She ends up owing Ryota 5 million. Incapable of paying it, Suzui becomes her pet and treats him cruelly. She commands Suzui to bring her food, and uses him as a stool when she complains that her legs are tired. Mary Saotome becomes jealous when dennis mckinley moves into their class and she gets closer to Ryota. Mary pretends she is challenging Yumeko to a friendly game called Vote Rock-Paper-Scissors. But Mary was really cheating and wanted Yumeko to become a housepet.