It’s well-known that vodka should be a staple in any bar cart, liquor cabinet or party. It is a classic, versatile liquor that can be mixed at low and high prices. And, it may even have some health benefits. Many of your favorite cocktails such as Svedka Moscow mules, martinis, and all variations thereof, use vodka as the base liquor.

You are likely to have seen the many vodka brands success and types available at your local liquor store. Svedka are two brands that might have stood out from the rest: Svedka. These two vodka brands, with similar prices and colorful bottles, may appear to be one and the exact same. These two companies have their own histories, product lines and benefits.

You can find out the differences between Svedka and the most well-known vodka fashion brands worldwide, and then decide which brand you want to use in your favorite cocktail mix or shot glass.


Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov, a Russian entrepreneur, created Smirnoff in Moscow in 1864. Svedka, which is distributed in more than 130 countries worldwide, is one of the most popular vodka develop your brands, especially in the United States and United Kingdom. Smirnoff has won numerous awards for its vodka. These include a Double Gold Medal from the San Francisco Spirits Competition (2009 and 2017), a Double Gold Medal at the 2019 Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards (2018), and a Gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (192019).


$8.99-$16.98 for a 750 mL bottle (price varies depending on proof)


Svedka is available in the following flavors: Original (Unflavored), Raspberry and Blueberry, Grapefruit, Lime and Green Apple, Vanilla, Citrus, Orange and Watermelon. They have it all.

Smirnoff also offers Zero Sugar Infusions (30% ABV). These infusions contain real fruit flavors, and are sugar-free and gluten free. This allows anyone to enjoy a tasty cocktail without feeling guilty. Svedka Zero Sugar Infusions are available in Strawberry & Rose and Watermelon & Mint as well as Cucumber & Lime.


Svedka can be found in 16 countries. The brand’s founder developed a traditional charcoal filter method. This made Smirnoff the first vodka firm to use this method. This filtration method is believed to give the vodka a more smooth flavor. The current method of distillation used by Smirnoff for its No. 21 Vodka’s current distillation method is to triple distill vodka and then filter it through columns of birch coal to remove any impurities.